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What is rtps bihar: RTPS stands for “Right to Public Services” Which is a government initiative in Bihar whose main objective is to provide public services to the citizens.To provide efficient and timely access to services. It is implemented through the Bihar State Right to Public Service Act which was passed in 2011 and its main objective is to ensure that the citizens are born in the service of the time in which Shiva is running within the prescribed limit. and issue of death certificate caste certificate income certificate certificate as well as for availing health services.

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rtps bihar
RTPS stands for “Right to Public Services”

The RTPS Act also sets up a grievance redressal mechanism for citizens to report any issues or delays in availing public services.

RTPS Bihar Portal has been started by the Government of Bihar to provide convenience to the citizens of Bihar.
Under the RTPS Bihar Portal, citizens can apply online for making caste certificate, residence certificate and income certificate sitting at home. And in today’s article, we will mention you the facility of making caste certificate, income certificate and residence certificate through RTPS Bihar Portal, as well as we will also tell you the process of applying online. This facility is available to all the citizens of Bihar irrespective of where they belong from any corner of Bihar.

Why RTPS Bihar Portal was required ?

As you all know, there are many such government schemes, to take advantage of which you must have caste certificate, income certificate and your address certificate. By the way, all these documents come under the category of such documents, which are needed almost everywhere, whether it is an application for a government job 2023 or for any government scheme.

What were the options available in Bihar earlier to make income, caste, residence?
Earlier in Bihar, the only means to make caste certificate, income certificate or residence certificate was to apply offline from your block, since all these documents are required by almost all people, then all these documents are required to be made in the block. There used to be a lot of crowd and this process was also very complicated and very long.

RTPS Bihar Portal was started to overcome all these problems and to provide facility to citizens to make caste certificate, residence certificate and income certificate through online.

Income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate online application.

As you all know, all these documents are very important documents and are also demanded by various government and private offices. So in this case you must have income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate.

If you do not have all these documents, then you can apply online to make all the documents like income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate by visiting the official website of RTPS Bihar Service Plus Bihar.

Bihar RTPS Service Plus Online Apply Status (Income, Caste, Resident) Highlights

Portal NameRTPS Bihar
Services Available on the PortalCertificate Services, License Services, Revenue Services, Service Overview etc.
Categorysarakai yojana
official websitehttp://rtps.bihar.gov.in/rtps/
Bihar RTPS Service Plus Online Apply

Main Objectives of RTPS Bihar Portal. Bihar RTPS Online Portal, Service Plus Bihar

  • The aim of the government is to give relief to the common citizens behind making RTPS Bihar Portal / RTPS Bihar Portal.
  • Income certificate is such a document which is demanded in almost all the offices, as well as the income certificate has to be updated from time to time because your income is not fixed, you can also do this work through Bihar RTPS Online Portal.
  • The government does not want the citizens of Bihar to go round the block to make income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate and waste a lot of their time on this.
  • The main objective of RTPS Bihar Portal is to save your time and provide you online facility.
  • Through RTPS Bihar Portal, you can apply online for income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate without going to the office.
  • If you apply for making any certificate through Bihar RTPS Portal, then you will not have to submit its document to the concerned office, even after uploading the document online, your certificate will come.
  • Many more facilities and benefits are made available to you through Bihar RTPS Portal.

What is Bihar RTPS?

Bihar RTPS is necessary for the citizens of Bihar to obtain a caste income and residence certificate to avail various types of facilities offered by the government. In Bihar especially OBC and SC ST categories need these certificates the most.

Generally speaking, residence certificate, income certificate or caste certificate are considered necessary documents for taking central government schemes and scholarship money or for applying for government schemes.
Bihar RTPS Service Plus manages and maintains all the attachments / documents in the Online Repository and also provides all the services to them.

Bihar RTPS Service List , Service Plus Bihar

  1. Application for making new income certificate / Issue Of Income Certificate
  2. Application for making new residential certificate / Issue Of Residential Certificate
  3. Application for making new caste certificate / Issue Of Caste Certificate
  4. Application for making duplicate income certificate / Issue Of Duplicate Income Certificate
  5. Application for making duplicate residential certificate / Issue Of Duplicate Residential Certificate
  6. Application for making duplicate caste certificate / Issue Of Duplicate Cast Certificate

What is caste certificate?

Caste certificates are given by the Government of India to all the castes of the country, including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes people. People across the state who belong to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes can apply for their caste certificate by visiting the official website of Bihar RTPS.
To apply for caste certificate from Bihar RTPS, you will also have to keep some documents, whose information we will give you below.

Documents required for making caste certificate?
Identity Card :- Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card Passport or PAN Card

Address Certificate: – Aadhaar card, driving license, residential certificate, rent slip or electricity bill can be used as address certificate.

Photo copy of ration card, not necessary for those who do not have ration card.

What is income certificate?

Income certificate is issued by the state government to the residents of the state, the income certificate certifies that person’s income from all sources in 1 year. The authorities issuing income certificates differ from state to state.
In rural areas, it is issued by the District Magistrate or Revenue Department for rural Tehsildar and urban areas, Bihar RTPS Portal has provided you the facility to apply for income certificate online.

Documents required for income certificate?

If you want to apply for income certificate in Bihar, then for this you must have the following documents.

Age Certificate :- You can use your birth certificate or school or college mark sheet as age certificate. If the ration card is present then its shadow copy.
Address Certificate :- Ration Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill etc. can be used as proof of address.

Details of your income :- To make income certificate, you will also have to give details of your income, from which source, how much money you earn per month. You can also provide your monthly salary or salary slip to give income details.

What is residence certificate?

Residence certificate is a certificate of residence of citizens living in a state, which indicates that the person resides in which village, district or city in the state. To get water or electricity connection in Bihar, you must have residence certificate. Also, while applying for a government scheme or a job in a company, you are also asked for a residence certificate.

You have also been given permission to apply for residence certificate on RTPS Bihar Portal in Bihar.

Documents required to apply for residence certificate?

1.Aadhaar Card

2.Voter ID Card
3.Ration Card (if available)
4.PAN Card

RTPS Bihar Online Jati ,Niwas ,Aay Praman Patra Application Process ?

Bihar government has recently amended the process of making caste certificate, residence certificate and income certificate from Online Rtps Bihar website Service Plus Bihar and now this process has started on the portal of Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In Has been done .

So let’s know how to apply for income, caste, residence certificate for Bihar on this new portal Service Plus Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In.

Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In Aay, Jati, Niwas Praman Patra Online Application Process Step By Step Service Plus Bihar

➡️ First of all you have to go to the website of Service Plus Bihar Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In for the right to public services and other services.
➡️ As soon as you go to Serviceonline. Bihar.Gov.In website Service Plus Bihar, its homepage will open in front of you.
➡️ On the top left side of the Service Plus Bihar home page, you will get to see the option of RTPS services.
➡️ Here you will click on the link of services of residential caste and income certificate of General Administration Department under RTPS services, then you will see the important services provided by the department, as can be seen below.

Here you are provided with the following services and the option to apply online for it, some of the services are as follows
  1. Issuance of Residential Certificate
  2. Issuance of Caste Certificate
  3. Issuance of Income Certificate
  4. Issuance of Income and Asset Certificate for Economically Weaker Sections
  5. Issue of Backward Class/Extremely Backward Class (Non Creamy Layer) Certificate
  6. Issue of OBC (without creamy layer) certificate

Click on any of these services you want to avail, such as the issuance of residential certificate.

As soon as you click on the issue of the residential certificate, the option of which level you want to make the certificate will open in front of you, such as at the revenue officer level, at the sub-divisional officer level, at the district officer level

Click on the link for which you want to get the residential certificate, for example at the revenue officer level
As soon as you click on the link, the application form for residence certificate (from revenue officer level) will open in front of you, as can be seen below.

➡️ In this phone you will enter all your information and process your application and finalize it.
➡️ After the application is done, you will get an application reference number which you will register and keep, due to this number you will be able to check the status of your application in future.

How to check RTPS Bihar online application status?

To check Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In Application Status Service Plus Bihar, there should be an application reference number. If the application reference number is present, then you can check your RTPS Bihar Application Status by following the procedure mentioned below.

RTPS Bihar Application Status Check Process On Service Plus Bihar Portal
➡️ First of all you have to go to the official website of Serviceonline.Bihar.Gov.In.
➡️ As soon as you go to the website, its home page will open in front of you.
➡️ On the home page, the right side corner has to click on the link of view application status under the citizen section. As can be seen below.

➡️ View application status Clicking on the link will open a new page in front of you, in which you will have to select whatever information you have and enter its details, enter the captcha and click on the submit button. Will happen . As shown below.

➡️ As soon as you click on the Submit button, the information about Rtps Application Status will open in front of you.

Bihar RTPS Application Status can also be seen through SMS.

➡️ People who do not have internet facility can send SMS on their mobile. You can easily get the delivery date information through .
➡️ To check the status of income certificate, caste certificate and residence certificate through SMS, you have to send an SMS.
➡️ RTPS SEND TO 56060


Note: – In today’s article, we gave you information about Bihar RTPS Portal, as well as we told you how you can apply for online caste certificate, residence certificate and income certificate in Bihar.

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