Hdfc bank requirement 2022|hssn post job

Bank name :-HDFC Bank

Post location :- Beawar rajasthan

Salary: Depends On Interview

Selection process: Shortlisted Candidates Will Be Contacted For The Interview

HDFC requirement Job Description

A.Branch Management: Plan the branch visits detailing the coverage every week Meeting the branches during the morning meeting – every branch once a month Scoping the RM/PB customer for lead/joint calls OR make use of available resources in the branch for leads/joint calls Planning the catchment area activity/scoping for lead generation/joint call Ensure RM/PB activation from the activities above and review of branch performance/resource wise performance/review with CH as and when required.Creating excitement in branches/spot sanctions/contests/recognition program Check CRM daily and review the leads/update follow up leads/with dates Document branch meeting through Cogent/mails B.Lead generation/logins: Planning the above so that it translates into 2 calls per day/2 appointments per day Send the communication to the customer on documents required Follow up the on the calls made for documents/arrange for pickup of documents Check for completeness of documents Go through the Financials/bank statements for churn/bounces/interest servicing Collection of property documents for legal/valuation – check for completeness chain docs etc.KYCs List down the points to be clarified from the customer Fill in the FAQs post discussion with the customer SPE updation Submission of file to ops for scanning Submission of docs for legal/valuation Co-ordination with customer/valuer Buyer/supplier ref check -> Ref leads C.Cross Selling: To be the one-stop shop for each of our EEG clients and provide suitable gamut of financial products such as Insurance, CASA, Credit Cards, Other Assets Products as required by the customer.Monitor and track Leads.D.Renewals: List down the renewals every month for the next two months Work on the renewals in advance Mail to the respective customers on docs required for renewal Follow up weekly twice for docs Arrange for collection of documents Check the documents for completeness Study the financials/bank statements/churn/interest servicing/aberrations from the stated nos Speak to the customer for addressing issues/aberrations SPE Hand over to ops for scanning follow post login formalities For renewals overdue and having genuine delay put up for extensions E.CAM conditions review/OBA review: Churn review for OBA once a month Conditions review once a month If OBA waiver required/check for justification/check for churn/put up to the authority If not inform the customer on closure of OBA/levy of 2% penalty Same for CAM conditions F.Call Memos: List down the call memos due for the quarter Review of ASR/ACR/cam conditions/deferrals for the customers Meet the customer and understand the business/issues if any Upload the call memos in shock and awe for endorsement/noting G.Portfolio Management and Housekeeping (HK): Reduce HK.Closure of critical and high aging items H.Stock insurance/property insurance: Communicate the premium to the customer after listing down the pendency Collect docs if required Submission to OPS I.Delinquency management: Depending upon severity of each case – Customer Call for servicing Interest.Email communication to Branch & customer Personal Visit to Customer / Joint Visit with Credit Manager; Rigorous follow-up J.Complaints : CRM / MD / PNO / CRO: Analyze complaint Seek resolution post discussing with Customer

HDFC requirement Job skills

1. Interpersonal Skills

2. Coordination with multiple teams & multiple activities

3. Ability to work under pressure.

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