what to know picking  medicare plan ?

Medicare open enrollment goes through Dec.17 Here what's to know when picking your plan kate wedell

Can you enroll in Medicare anytime ? There is a seven month window arround your 65th birthday called the intail enrollment period when you can first sign up Medicare.

What to look for when choosing a Medicare plan ?

1.it varies For some people finding the lowest price will be the most important factor.for others it might be keeping their specialist.

2.advantage .advantage plans have a lot of perks but less flexibility in which doctors are in network and which drugs are covered

3.Look at more than  premium just the premium Some plans have costs sharing structures that could make a hospital stay much more expensive for example

Tip check that you have right plan each year

Tip check that you have right plan each year

1. Compare options: The annual enrollment period is a time to compare options, so it is a important to do the research and select plans again based on your needs.

2. check with your provider Your doctar could be in-network one year and then the insurance. Carrier can renegotiate theirs contracts and drop that the doctor the next.

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